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Why I Hate Case Studies…

Despite the title, in actuality I love case studies. I enjoy reading along to try and guess what the fix is going to be. As diagnostic techs we work as a scientist would. We come up with a theory or hypothesis about what we think is wrong with the vehicle. With the data we gather as well…
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Reprogramming with J-2534 Part 2

I get a lot of calls to program GM modules. Almost all later model GM’s require module programming after a module replacement. GM vehicles are some of the few that will allow a used module to be installed. Modules will require the VIN to be written and the necessary software installed.

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How to program with J-2534 Part 1

If you are reluctant to make the jump in to module reprogramming you are missing out on a huge profit maker. With the use of J2534 software updates and module programming has never been easier or more attainable for independent repair shops. There are some limitations but for the majority of the repairs that shops will see can easily be…
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Rich Dodge, Poor Dodge

  I was called in to this shop to diagnose a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 5.7 Hemi. Customer purchased the vehicle from a dealer and on his trip home the engine light popped on. He dropped it right off at the shop. The shop said they had multiple codes including a P0172 which they could…
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